Pilates hurts my neck!

Lindy Royer, PT and Polestar Pilates Educator, demonstrates the correct cervical alignment for preparing the neck for more advanced Pilates work.  Watch Lindy as she shows the head hover for gradual strengthening of the neck for Pilates on her You Tube video!


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2 responses to “Pilates hurts my neck!

  1. annette

    Thanks for all of the good advice Sheri. Here’s another question

    I have subluxation in my neck and osteoporosis which is back to the baseline of 10 years ago with bisphosphonates. I saw a physio about my neck and she was concerned about shoulder stands putting stress on the neck. Do you think that is something to worry about?
    Would a little round cushion for neck support be better or worse, to use during mat exercise?


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