My friend and colleague Peter Abaci, MD, just released a new book called “Take Charge of your Chronic Pain”

Peter Abaci, MDDr. Abaci is a compassionate and caring anesthesiologist who runs the Bay Area Pain Management Clinic in Los Gatos, CA and has other sites across California.  He has just written a book about his philosophies, techniques and the science of chronic pain.  Dr. Abaci has a wonderful holistic approach to dealing with pain and highly stresses exercise like Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi in his treatment programs.  He is an avid student of Pilates as well!  He also has a great blog that I love reading!

Upright and Steady:

Part of being happy during later years is being able to remain engaged and maintain a sense of independence. A decline in balance can interrupt a person’s ability to meet with friends, buy groceries, or play with grandchildren. Falls in the elderly is a major source of painful orthopedic injuries like broken hips and compression fractures in the vertebrae of the spinal column. Once these injuries take place, it becomes even harder to re-engage in upright activities like cooking meals and walking.

Read more on Dr. Abaci’s blog….

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