New Article from Sinaki Nov 2012

Exercise for patients with osteoporosis: management of vertebral compression fractures and trunk strengthening for fall prevention.Jan-Prone Extension2

Sinaki emphasizes the need for stimulation of bone within bone’s biomechanical competence.  She reiterates that compression of vertebral bodies can be insidious and that the absence pain is not a good indicator that fracture has not occurred.  Exercise is an important part of management of osteoporosis and is associated with improved quality of life and decreased risk of fracture.  Exercise programs need to address flexibility, muscle strength, core stability, cardiovascular fitness, and gait steadiness and should be individualized and interesting to the patient/client!  She recommends axial strength and stability, and spinal extensor strengthening progressed with resistance.  A good exercise program should also include balance and lower extremity strengthening.  She also states that oral Vitamin D and Calcium supplements can enhance the effect of strength exercises.

Overall, Sinaki states, a good exercise program should aim to:

  • improve back extensor strength
  • increase level of physical activity
  • improve locomotion
  • reduce back pain
  • reduce fear
  • reduce risk of falls

Read the abstract here:  http://


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5 responses to “New Article from Sinaki Nov 2012

  1. Great to see this. Very helpful

  2. I wonder if this interests you. It’s about physiotherapy and osteoporosis. I never heard of sling therapy before

    • Dear Anet,
      I have the Redcord system in my physical therapy practice but have never seen any research to support it’s use for osteoporosis! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have not found many blogs that deliver such consistently readable and interesting content as is on offer on yours, you deserve the short time it takes to share my appreciation of your endeavours. Many Many Thanks.

  4. The idea of your blog is very fresh, I am positive that the readers who find your blogs surely take pleasure from your content and advice.

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