Make no bones about it, TheraPilates for Osteoporosis was a huge success!

I was recently at a conference where Sherri Betz was one of the members of a panel discussion on special populations.  The first question that was asked by the moderator was “What reputable research resources could each of the participants recommend?” Without hesitation, one of the panelist grabbed the microphone and said “Two words, Sherri Betz!”

Osteoporosis Course Tucson

Created by Sherri Betz, PT, TheraPilates for Osteoporosis, is a comprehensive program for the fit and frail, adaptable for the clinical or Pilates studio environment or the neighborhood community center.

Osteoporosis Course Tucson2

Dr. Tim Lohman, bone health researcher at University of Arizona and Terri Guido, PT from the BEST Study.

Thank you for your participation in this wonderful, dynamic and enriching weekend! From leading researchers in bone health at the University of Arizona, to physical therapists, Pilates enthusiasts, Pilates instructors and athletic trainers, it was a pleasure connecting with such a diverse group of individuals from around the world!

We immediately began to incorporate much of what we learned from Sherri into our sessions at BodyQuest Pilates. It is powerful to imagine the ripple effect that our group of 32 participants can have as we return to our own communities with the ability to apply current research in teaching effective exercise for bone health and avoid high fracture risk exercise for the osteoporotic patients or clients.  Sherri, your work is empowering and inspiring, thank you!  I would also like to say “Thank You” to Michele Franzella, PMA®CPT, who assisted Sherri throughout the weekend.
Osteoporosis Course Tucson6
That being said, Sherri will be teaching her course June 6th & 7th at her studio in Santa Cruz, California. She has graciously extended the Early Bird Deadline to Tuesday May 12th! If you know of anyone who is interested in participating in this workshop, please share this information with them.

For TheraPilates Course Information and online registration click Here.
For TheraPilates Course description, objectives and schedule click Here.
Osteoporosis Course Tucson3  Osteoporosis Course Tucson5
Thank you for investing your time in this workshop! BodyQuest Pilates is committed to providing exceptional educational experiences for the clinical and movement practitioner.  If you have any suggestions of workshops or presenters that you feel we should consider for future programing, please share your ideas with me.

With sincere gratitude,
Your Tucson Host Committee!

Mirea Sharifi
Stephanie Christenson
Heidi Fisher
Rebecca McAllister
Elizabeth Biocca
Jaime Robinson

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