Tremendous Thanks!

A tremendous thank you to all of you in the TheraPilates® Programs at the Capitola Recreation Center for the amazing Farewell! I am so grateful for your beautiful cards, flowers, gifts, songs and words of gratitude and encouragement! It has been such an amazing journey watching you progress in your strength, posture and balance!

Please scroll down to view all the photos of our groups (“The Lifers, The Early Birds, and “The Slackers”) from the day as well as the beautiful piano sonata played by Tom and Karen Cole!

Take a moment to look at this lovely card created by Karen Cole depicting the “Fountain of Youth” and all of the ways we can be derailed! Thank you Karen, I am so impressed not only with your artistic talent, but with your perfect summary of the principles!TheraPilates Fountain of Youth

View a video of Tom and Karen Cole playing their beautiful farewell sonata for me!  Thank you for the lovely serenade!

Our 8:45 “Early Birds”Capitola Rec Early Birds

Our 10:00 “Lifers” who have been with me since 2008!Cap Rec Lifers

Our Right Side “Slackers,” a group of friends who have bonded since meeting in the class in 2008!  Thank you for the beautiful necklace, cards and flowers!Slackers.jpg

Trying to take selfie’s with Staci, Elise and Marcia and Bea!  Thank you all for the support for our programs all of these years!  Where’s Waldo?

Be happy, be well and be strong!  Love, peace and happy bone building to all of you!

With much love and gratitude,


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