Road trip from CA to LA

Santa Cruz to Barstow, CA

Barstow, CA to Flagstaff, AZ to Memphis, TX, to Amarillo, TX

Texas Farmland between Amarillo and Waco and between Waco and the Louisiana State Line.

Waco, TX and Baylor University

Yippee!  We made it 1759 Miles to Magnolia Market before it closed on Saturday!

Clint Harp’s Design Store, Waco, TX

Welcome to Louisiana and Monroe, LA, the Home of my mom and brother and Johnny’s Pizza, the best pizza in the world!




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4 responses to “Road trip from CA to LA

  1. Diana Cartwright

    Looks like a fun trip back to Louisiana. We miss you here in California. We are all surviving under Gina’s watchful eye in Pilates. It looks like Santa Cruz and California in general is entering another drought. No rain in December and less than 5″ since the season began in October. In the interim, property values continue to skyrocket, with the median price in Santa Cruz at $880k for a fixer upper 3/2.

    So happy to see you have family and friends in Louisiana. Have a wonderful New Year.

    Diana Cartwright

    • HI Diana,
      I sure miss you all too! I am glad that you are continuing to exercise with Gina and Brenda…sorry for the drought and the skyrocketing property prices that chased me out of California! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. jennifer greco

    Hello you are missed ! Gina & Brenda are keeping is moving in the Bone/Balance class… Thanks for sharing, the pic’s are great, nice of you to take us along your journey. Your home is amazing ~ Sending you all the best for 2018.
    Jennifer Greco

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